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John Cena shared the Asim Riyaz picture on Instagram



The contestants of Bigg Boss 13 Asim riyaz have become quite popular these days, recently a lot of tends named after them have started on Twitter, out of which one trend has reached 15 million.
Asim riyaz is very much liked by the people and their way of playing is different from the rest, perhaps due to this, they are being liked a lot more, Many celebrities have shown their support like Gauhar Khan, Ajaz Khan Gautam Gulati, Prince Narula, and many more.
Asim riyaz International is getting much more popular, so John Sena has also shared his photo on his Instagram handle, which is a big thing, he had previously shared the photo of Shahrukh Khan and Ranveer Singh on his page.

Asim supporter said that Bigg Boss is biased as he feels that he always takes the side of Siddharth Shukla, due to which Asif’s fan following is becoming very much. A lot of attacks have also been made, today India comes in the reading of the day after tomorrow and Siddharth Shukla comes to Twitter on every second or third day, both of them have been fans of a celebrity, this time Bigg Boss 13 is very much popular from all the rest of the season. It is considered popular because this time TRP has left all the previous seasons behind Bigg Boss in terms of TRP and continues to grow this time. The Contribution of all contestants in which has been caused by this time knows of the winner on the 15 Feb.

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