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Marjaavaan movie (2019) | Cast | Review | Trailer | Release Date



Marjaavaan movie (2019) Cast Review Trailer Release Date

Siddharth’s new film is titled Marjaavaan movie 2019 trailer is out now and is directed by the director of Satyamave Jayate, who made a lot of money in this film, but the scolding of the critics had to be eaten a lot, now the trailer of Marjaavaan has arrived, which looks like it’s going to leave Satyamev Jayate behind in both the cases, this is the first thing you will know in this article.

Cast Of The Film

The Story of the Film

The story of the film is of a boy Raghu who has long hair and a cloth on his forehead, and his unruly work is done. The reason is not known. Raghu is unaware that he suddenly sees a girl and falls in love at first sight. Love marches on and reaches the marriage, then the entry is made of the film’s villain Vishnu, but he is full of anger, Raghu works for Vishnu but Raghu is fighting Shree gets caught on seeing the affair and he makes all the efforts to get the two away but nothing happens in the last scene of the trailer that Raghu himself shoots his girlfriend slash wife. The thing is that you all come to know in the trailer.

The feeling of the Trailer

Watching the Marjaavaan movie 2019 trailer or feeling that there is a lot of dialogue in the film like, main marunga Mar Jayega dubara Janam Lene se dar Jayega, Bagawat ke liye Ijazat ki jarurat Nahin rok sake sher Ko Tum Mein Kutto takat nahi. Who talks like that? Have we told you just a few dialogues.

If you look at the trailer, the story of the film would have been around a regular Bollywood love story, it would have been easy to cope with the bogus. Have action sequences that are looking worse because of the sound effect. The heroine’s job is that she has to fall in love and learn something by eating food. Steps make a gesture and prove to be the biggest in the film, it remains little from the avatar but at the end of it, it too goes into the case – someone is about to meet. Overall, this trailer is quite disappointing.

Release Date of The Film

When the film is coming, the release date of Mar Jawa with the first poster was told 2 October 2019, but it has been scheduled for release on this day, with the next poster the release date was told 5 September but the latest news is According to them, Mar Java Finally is going on in theaters on November 8, two more films are being released on this day, which is not yet known.

Marjaavaan Trailer

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