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Motichoor Chaknachoor | Cast | Review | Trailer | Release Date



Motichoor Chaknachoor trailer – There are some actors in Bollywood who fit into every role, one of them is Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is versatile so much drama-comedy villain, give him a role, he gets into it, his next film is coming to Motichoor Chaknachur and This thing will be confirmed by the film, in this film, his office is Ja Shetty. The trailer of this film has arrived, which is absolutely fun.

What is the Story looking like?

The name of the collector of Narwhal in the film is Pushpendra Tyagi who is 36 years old and is very upset because he is not married yet, he wants to settle his house in any case, but no girl likes to be rejected every time.

Hai is 36 years old and how long will we be sitting as a Brahmachari, we want a girl, Atiya is the lead actress in the film. Will marry a guy.

Anita and her aunt think that Pushpendra works in Dubai and that they get their dreams done and they both get married, but after this, what is the real test Anita finds out that Pushpendar is from Dubai job Have been removed, now what happens will be seen in the film.

Trailer Highlights

Motichoor Chaknachoor trailer – Many times it happens that you are telling your problem, you are ready to send it completely, and you get laughed after listening to it, then it is with the character of Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the trailer that when he starts telling his grief, he becomes a comedy scene.

Is and laughter comes out and creates a lot of fun in the trailer, in the trailer, whether he is telling you not to meet the girl or he is the first girl in your affair.

Starts eating that another phenomenon is dialogue and dialogue delivery both all seem to have a surprise package in their trailer you fun especially Nawazuddin Siddiqui Karuna Pandey, he will prove it. Will prove to be a game-changer By the way, this is his third film after Hero and Mubaraka

Who is working in it?

Lead Hero Heroine We have told you Nava Dostana Vibha Chhibber is in the role of Pushpendra Tyagi mother who herself is confused about her son’s job, then Navni Parihar is Anita Jawani Avni’s mother who is very upset with her daughter’s condition, and then She continues to do something, then the next name is Karuna Pandey. It is Anita’s death which is cool and guides them to Anita in the wedding mater.

Who made the film?

Motichur Chaknachur has been directed by Desh Mitra Vishal Tell Directory This is his first film, and he is also the story writer of the film Hawaii will have a meeting studio, and I have been made by Duction House.

Fights between Make a and Riders

Motichur Chaknachur is scheduled to release on November 15, but before its release, its make-up fell into place, and the result was that the film’s trailer stayed in the Mumbai High Court.

It is that the director Debamitra Bhinmal, who did not have he declare, filed a petition taking the matter to court, Dev Mitra, who is a lawyer, told that Kev Was working with a 5-year story when he showed up.

Online came a new one in which it was written about the termination of the contract. When she spoke to Roti, she did not get any response, after that she reached the court, three days after the release, a trailer which has arrived close to 10 million, so Salman Khan Has set up his Twitter handle. The trailer is quite amazing. A Brother said to wish you all the best.

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Cast –

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Pushpinder Tyagi
Athiya Shetty as Annie
Vibha Chibber
Navni Parihar
Vivek Mishra
Karuna Pandey
Sanjeev Vats
Abhishek Rawat
Sapna Sand
Usha Nagar
Sunny Leone as a special appearance in the song


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