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Tanhaji Hindi Movie | Review | Trailer | Release Date



Tanhaji film is also special because this is going to be a hundred film of Ajay Devgan’s career. If the name of a talented actor in Bollywood is considered, then the name of Ajay Devgan will reach quite high.

This time the story is going to be the best over the brave Maratha warrior. Tanaji who is the leader of the army of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the stories of his bravery are so dangerous that just by listening, the heartbeat gets accelerated. Movies showing the battle of Nainagarh, and after that, what happened will be your couple. For the people who have died for the country, it will also go over it.


It is also that after Film like Omkara, once again, the superhit pair of Ajay Devgan and Saif Ali Khan are going to be together. Get ready, and Kajol is also there. Ajay is the hero of the story, and Saif Ali Khan is a very powerful villain. Saif Ali Khan will play the character of Uday Bhan, who fought against Sheela Garh’s battle. This time the hero and the villain are going to be in a collision in the film. The train had not reached its casting until a few days ago when it was released. Then the excitement reached the top, from Shivaji’s look to Savitribai’s People feel everything will be seen to play.

The exciting thing is also that the molar, which viewed in scared games, is going to see you in the character of Mughal umpire Aurangzeb in the film. The only difference is that maybe more Welcome hostility was playing in it. Here you will see them befriending the trailer. Seeing this, you can guess that tear-type action is going to happen in the film. Some brave scenes will be shown, which will give you complete felling. You can horrific will see the other side of love for the country’s soil and people. The film will be released on 10 January 2020.


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